Sunday, July 10, 2005


Me: Hi, I'm here to pick up my tuxedo.

Salesguy: [rummages around] Ah, here it is. Would you like to try it on?

[I look over at Nathalie, who's nodding emphatically]

Me: Yes.

[I try it on in the dressing room. Nathalie gets misty eyed. I change back out and we walk to the front of the store, happy with the tux and greatly satisfied with the alterations.]

Nathalie: [Asks me under her breath] How much were the alterations?

[I think back to the call slip]

Me: I think it was around $50.

Salesguy: [Walking towards the plastic garment bags] Would you like a bag?

Me: Yes, that'll be fine.

[As I reach for my wallet and start counting out some bills, the salesguy simply hands over the tux and starts walking back into the store to help another customer]

Me: [Looking at Nathalie] Uh... I think we had a balance to pay.

[Nathalie looks back, puzzled as well.]

Salesguy: [Stops midstep, considers it a second, and then slyly mutters out of the corner of his mouth] Well, consider this a wedding present.


Nathalie and I turned to each other, wide-eyed with confusion, and slackjawed with disbelief. We then high-tailed it out of that store before someone decided to change their mind.