Tuesday, June 21, 2005


The following quote was taken from the section of Georgia state law governing the issuance of state licensure for electrical contractors in regards to the standardized licensing test required of all applicants:

Georgia law [General Provisions Volume 30, Title
43-1-9.(1)(2)(3)] provides that veterans meeting
certain conditions are eligible for the addition of
five to ten points
to their examination scores. To
qualify, veterans must have served for a minimum
of one year in active duty status, and must have
served during a period of conflict or war for a
minimum of 90 days. The law provides that you
may also qualify for veterans’ preference points if
you were discharged for injury or illness incurred
in the line of duty and your disability is officially
So the Georgia Construction Industry Licensing Board will give a war veteran 5 to 10 freebie points just for being a veteran. This distribution of points being absolutely independent of prior experience or competency in electrical contracting.

This means that some guy who receives a failing grade of 65 on his licensing test would receive enough points to pass if he either served for 90 days or got shot in the butt like Forrest Gump. This also means that this unqualified person is going around working on your house with an inadequate knowledge of the electrical trade, constructing unsafe and inferior houses and commercial buildings.

Now I'm all for giving war veterans assistance and I'm thankful for their service, but helping them cheat on getting their licensure is a stupid idea. Especially when the public's safety depends on their construction and evaluation of electrical systems.

Way to go Georgia. I didn't think you could top the embarrassing pickup truck dance at the 1996 Olympics opening ceremony.