Friday, June 10, 2005


The good thing about being a doctor...

  • People automatically think you're smart.
  • Dress code at work = scrubs = pajamas!
  • Your credit score jumps 100,000 points the day you get your degree.
  • Improving other people's lives = great job satisfaction.
  • You finally understand the ingredients in cough medicine.
  • Your girlfriend's parents think you have a respectable job.

The bad thing about being a doctor...

  • The work hours are terrible...
  • So is taking the responsibility of other people's lives.
  • People automatically assume you're rich.
  • Kids always think you're going to stick them with a syringe.
  • Your profession actively tries to eliminate the need for itself.
  • You don't want to talk about what you do for a living with strangers because inevitably it comes down to strangers showing you a disgusting skin lesion on their body and asking for your medical opinion.