Wednesday, June 08, 2005


For awhile, it appeared that Dairy Queen pulled their MooLatte commercials. Then just recently, I saw one. It's the one with the guy who stealthly slurps up his girlfriend's MooLatte while she mourns the recent death of her cat.

I can't believe that Dairy Queen resumed efforts to market their poorly named frozen coffee drink. The Moolatte. The similarity in sound and appearance to the word "mulatto" and all the connotations associated with naming a light-brown colored drink after a dated (but still racist) plantation term that incorporates race and heritage is simply idiotic. And what the hell were they thinking hiring black actors for their commercials? Especially with the actress portraying an idiot and the actor portraying an uncaring ass.

I guess the subliminal message is that since these black people are marketing the drink and they don't seem offended on the commerical, you shouldn't worry! It's all good!

But I'll tell you, if Dairy Queen comes out with a yellowy banana flavored frozen coffee drink and calls it the Chinkuccino, goddammit, there'll be some explaining to do. And God help them if they've got Asian actors in their commercials.