Wednesday, May 25, 2005


Living without a dishwasher isn't that bad. Even after I cook a large meal, it's usually just Nathalie and me, so the amount of dishes doesn't amount to much. This is not to say that I wouldn't mind having a dishwasher, since that would free up some time, but washing dishes isn't as agonizing as, say, cleaning the bathtub. So doing the dishes every other night isn't all that bad.

However, to our great delight, the condo we rented at Whistler had a dishwasher in the kitchen. Nathalie and I rejoiced, peered inside, and marveled at its new and clean condition. We could make a mess of our plates and the machine would take care of it! And we proceeded to do so with our breakfast.

And like a trained dog, I completely blanked, and started to wash the dishes by hand. It was only after I was half way through that I realized that a dishwasher lay waiting, just a few feet away.