Monday, May 16, 2005


We walked up towards a lady that looked most like a person that would work at a brewery and could tell us where to go. But she was not. However, she did point us in the right direction. We entered a building to find groups of people milling around, turned the corner inside that stuffy warehouse and found a small room, filled with even more people. And for good reason.

Five taps lined one wall. A tap in another corner, and one on the opposite end. Stacks of plastic cups were on the counter. Apparently, you just helped yourself to a cup (or several, in my case) and poured yourself a beer of your choosing that ran freely from the tap.

"Do we have to pay?" asked Nathalie.

Russell and I looked around. Nobody seemed interested in collecting a fee for the tour. Better yet, nobody seemed interested in regulating the amount of beer you can sample. So Russell and I looked at each other, shrugged, and poured ourselves another beer.

There were about 30 people waiting for the tour of the Abita Brewery. We knew this was going to be a great tour when the tour guide started off by saying, "I've seen most of you before so I'll keep the tour part short..."