Thursday, May 12, 2005


What happened to Mr. Pibb?

The "Mr." part has been dropped, leaving just plain "Pibb". But since that looks bizarre, the Coca Cola people have written "XTra" under "Pibb" as if that means someting. No indication of what extra ingredient has been added or what exactly is extra about this whole situation.

The graphics used in the word "Xtra" appears rough and edgy, as if it has been slashed into existence. The omission of the letter "e" from the word "extra" coupled with the new font is supposed to generate excitement. Only cool and wild people drink Pibb Xtra! (Formally known as plain-jane Mr. Pibb.) Sadly, I don't think the Coke people understand that the Mountain Dew people over at Pepsi has cornered that X-Games niche.

So what's old Mr. Pibb trying to be? A pseudo Dr Pepper or a pseudo Mountain Dew?

Like this really matters. I don't know of a single person that goes around seeking out a Mr. Pibb. Or a Pibb Xtra, for that matter. Not very many people want a Dr Pepper knockoff. Most people grudgingly accept the substitution when the waiter informs them that Dr Pepper is not available, but they carry Coke's bastard imitation: Mr. Pibb.

I laughed when I saw this new Pibb Xtra transformation. It's as if the folks at Coke asked MTV to pimp their soft drink.

It's like seeing a souped up Honda Civic on the road, with its monstrous spoiler, flashy wheels, little lights everywhere, and that irritating muffler. I want to look at the kid driving this thing and say, Hey man, despite you sinking $15,000 worth of extra parts on your car, it's still just a Honda Civic. You should've just bought a real sports car.