Monday, May 23, 2005


The parents are coming to meet each other on Sunday. The dictum of many movies predict such an event to inevitably result in some minor disaster, but I'm sure things are rarely quite tumultuous in real life.

More than likely, both sets of parents will feel a rush of relief once they realize that the future in-laws are not weirdos, and that the other party feels the same about them.

Nathalie and I initially planned to take our parents to a posh and renown restaurant for dinner, but with foresight of the impending agonizing struggle over the bill between the two fathers, we've abandoned that idea. Instead, Nathalie and I will transform our house into a cozy restaurant, host an impeccable and delicious dinner, and entertain them in our living room over dessert and coffee. Invitations and menus were mailed off this morning, and preparations are under way.