Monday, April 25, 2005


Mention Jazz Fest and most New Orleaneans (and any long time fest goer) will talk about how hot it is and how much you will spend on water and iced tea in order not to pass out from dehydration. Jazz Fest is spread over 2 weekends starting the last weekend in April, and the average temperature at that time feels like it's about a thousand degrees when you're sitting under the sun.

However, this year was a fluke and the highs were in the mid-70's, making the first weekend of Jazz Fest a great way to spend the day. Nathalie and I joined about 120,000 people on Sunday to see, amongst others, G. Love and Special Sauce, Dr. John, Brian Wilson, and Nelly.

I can only hope that this next weekend will have similar weather conditions...

Wait, 120,000? One hundred and twenty thousand people? Yes. And I think they were all at the Nelly stage.