Thursday, April 21, 2005


History fascinates me. So do guns and other firearms. So imagine my delight when the History Channel aired something about the development of firearms throughout the last century. I had some time to kill in between surgical cases, so I sat through a brief segment while hanging around the surgical lounge.

During the program, as they discussed the progression of the musket, I got to wondering what went through the mind of the first guy that ever got shot by a gun. Here he is, wandering around the woods when he comes across this guy holding a stick. Before he can react, there's a loud noise as the end of the stick expels a cloud of smoke and immediately feels a terrible pain in his stomach (or wherever the bullet strikes). That had to be a very confusing and frightening moment.

I couldn't think of a comparable event in modern times which could replicate the confusion and terror of facing something new like a gun for the first time. Perhaps a similar situation would be if I happened to run into a guy in a dark alley. He puts on these strange metallic earmuffs and the next thing I know, both my arms just spontaneously fall of my body.

"Oh snap! What the hell?"

Before I can figure anything out, my wallet's gone and I'm just left standing there, looking at my arms wriggling around on the ground.