Monday, March 28, 2005


The arrival of spring into New Orleans signals the long awaited Jazz and Heritage Festival at New Orleans, affectionally known as Jazzfest, to its loyal followers. This festival takes place the last weekend of April and the first weekend of May, and it is actually one of the factors that led me to move to New Orleans in the first
place. Having missed last year's festival due to torrential rains, I've made it a point not to miss it this year.

And this year, I finally decided to buy tickets early in order to get the discounted price. However, I realized upon examining the fine print that Ticketmaster will charge all credit card charges with a handling fee per ticket. After all is said and
done, I would save a measly $13 by buying tickets 4 weeks early.

$13 would be a lot of money if the total cost was, say $20, but unfortunately, the total cost to attend is well above $100. So, saving $13 didn't seem enough to warrant going through the work of getting these tickets early via Ticketmaster. But after more scrutiny, I found that the handling fee can be avoided if a certified check or money order is sent instead of paying via credit card, for a savings of nearly $40. Now that's more like it.

So I decide to walk over to the convenience store a block away from my house, thinking that they would sell money orders. But after trekking there in the freezing night air, I find that they do not sell money orders. What kind of a convenience store doesn't sell money orders? Very inconvenient.

This is the second time that this convenience store has let me down. The first time being when I needed a bottle of Pepto-Bismol.