Sunday, March 27, 2005


Clerk: So how many games do you want to play?

Me: (Looking at Nathalie) How about three apiece?
(Nathalie nods in agreement.)

Clerk: I'll tell you what man, it'll be cheaper to play by the hour.

Me: Really? How much is it per game?

Clerk: $3.75 per game, $18 per hour.

Me: (Dumbfounded, trying to feel out a scam) Uh... OK. One hour of bowling then.

Clerk: OK, with the shoe rentals... (Hits a bunch of buttons on the register) That'll be $28.55

Me: (Looking up abrubtly from my wallet. Then shooting a sidelong glance at Nathalie, who also is looking back quite shocked. I look back down, realize I don't have enough cash to cover for an hour of bowling, and reach for the credit card.) Here you go...

Whoa. Stop everything. Hold on a second.
Can someone give me a head's up on what happened to the cost of bowling?
Thirty dollars? Did I really pay thirty dollars to bowl for an hour?

Granted I haven't gone bowling since I was in highschool, which was about... I don't know, thirteen/fourteen years ago, but the inflation rate on the cost of bowling has gotten out of control.

Anyway, despite the sticker shock of bowling, Nathalie and I had a blast, and we were able to squeeze in four games apiece within an hour (so I guess we got our money's worth.) The biggest shock from this bowling expedition came a few days later, when various muscles became quite sore... notably those in the left butt and groin. I swim three times a week, and Nathalie works out regularly, but we were definitely not able to keep up with the physical demands of bowling... which just blows my mind.