Saturday, March 26, 2005


The only thing I remember from visiting zoo's is the smell of animal poop. That eye-watering, nose-stinging, earthy poop smell associated with grass eating animals. The last time I visited a zoo, I could count out my age with two hands.

Now, I need 7 hands to show someone how old I am. And with yesterday being uncharacteristically void of humidity, Nathalie and I decided to wander away the afternoon at the Audubon Zoo and place some updated zoo memories in my brain.

Unfortunately, the poop smell has stood the test of time and is still present at the zoo. But it appeared to be less than what I remember. Perhaps this is due to the change in the elevation of my nose compared to when I was 8 years old. Or there has been several advancements made in the science of feeds that causes less poop smell. Regardless, we had a good time observing the animals and watching this one ham of an orangutan playing the crowd for cheers.