Monday, March 14, 2005


The coffee that is available at the hospital is terrible. It's so bad that it would take volumes to describe its acidic, eye watering, gut wrenching flavor. However, I've gotten used to drinking this crap for the past 3 years, so I no longer mind it.

Yesterday for breakfast, I brewed a carafe full of some colombian beans that I've had bought from Peet's a while back. It's been awhile since I've actually had some time to brew my own coffee at home, and I wondered if these beans had kept well in the freezer. I brewed 6 cups, figuring if Nathalie wanted some coffee, I would have more than plenty to spare.

I took one sip and I was immediately brought back to coffee heaven. You never know how well you have something until it's been taken away and given back to you. I ended up drinking all six cups myself. Luckily, Nathalie only wanted orange juice, so me hogging the coffee was not an issue.

Now I'm back at work today, and back to drinking black battery acid.