Thursday, March 17, 2005


How many oysters can two people eat? Almost a hundred, if the two people in question happen to be me and Nathalie.

Yes, that's right. One hundred. For $18, you can go home with a half sack of oysters from a local seafood market, which amount to about 100 oysters.

For dinner, Nathalie and I grilled these oysters on the half shell, with butter, garlic, and parmesean cheese, a la Dragos. We've had a similar version before at a local restaurant as appetizers, but at nearly 6 times the cost. And not nearly as many.

Nathalie reached her fill at about the 30th oyster. I had nearly 50. And about 10 raw, to the horror of Nathalie. Had the coals in my grill remained hot, I probably would have finished off the rest of the oysters.

If it sounds like I ate a ton of oysters, you're right. We'll see what my GI tract has to say about this.