Saturday, February 12, 2005


There is nothing like hearing the news that a loved one is hurt or threatened to wake you up, get your heart pounding, and your mind racing. That bit of adrenaline is more stimulating than espresso spiked with crack.

As the saying goes, bad things happen in threes, and over the course of this past week, I received three separate phone calls, each with a sobering message about a loved one that put the fear of God in me.

Thankfully, everybody is safe now and in good hands. Only thing left is to wait and see how they will heal.

Nathalie's uncle Jeff is still in critical condition, suffering from his assault on Thursday night, but he is hemodynamically and otherwise stable. I am pleased with the care my colleagues at [omitted] Hospital are providing for him. My father's leg will heal with good wound care, and it looks like he came 1/2 inch away from losing that leg in the industrial accident. I don't know how my stepmom is going to be able to get that man to stay off his feet and rest for the next 6 weeks. And Nathalie and I have gotten over the shock of our attempted burglary, and are taking measures to secure ourselves and the house.

It's been a trying week. We'll see what the next one has in hold for us.