Wednesday, February 09, 2005


I've yet to develop a full fledged cold. Instead, the virus and my body have reached a stalemate, compromising on an irritating cough without any other symptoms. My voice has changed pitch a bit from all the coughing and irritation, but other than that, I'm doing relatively fine.

I've been popping Halls cough drops like a methadone addict. I've finished a bag of them over the course of 2 days, taking in about 5 mg of menthol with each cough drop, and a good amount of sugar with each cough drop... which is not helping with the recent weight loss efforts. Further examination of the ingredients of each cough drop also states a fair amount of phenylalanine. Which, when consumed in large doses, has a laxative effect.


I wish Halls had placed a large warning label someplace on the package. Now I'm just waiting around waiting for this laxative bomb to take effect.