Saturday, February 19, 2005


The hospital has been undergoing some major construction recently, building several new floors for the expanded ICU and increasing the number of private patient rooms. This not-for-profit hospital claims it's broke, but from the look of the recent renovations and construction projects, the hospital obviously sees it share of green.

I walked past a newly renovated patient room on the 3rd floor yesterday and out of curiousity looked inside to investigate. As expected, the room had a nice new coat of paint in a soothing neutral spa color and modernized furnishings. Then my eyes stopped surveying the room and became fixated on this one item.

There was a 19 inch plasma screen TV on the wall. Yes, a $1000 TV on the wall.

This isn't the Ritz. This isn't the Four Seasons. This is a freakin' hospital! I couldn't believe that the administration decided to install plasma screen TV's in patient rooms instead of a regular $150 TV. I was revolted.

Meanwhile, the hospital lays off staff nurses, reduced employee benefits, and stopped matching employee 401-k contributions. In addition, residents are not considered employees and are given "stipends" instead of a salary so that we can't participate in the 401-k or lobby the HR department to maintain our benefits.

Bah Humbug!