Monday, November 15, 2004


It's difficult to believe that any variety of grapes grown in Louisiana could develop into a decent wine, but there's a winery north of New Orleans that does a pretty fair job of producing drinkable table wine.

In order to raise awareness of their vineyard, the proprietors hold evening outdoor concerts on their property every other Saturday from May to November. Various local artists representing musical styles from Dixieland jazz to zydeco to blues rotate through, entertaining a crowd of about 200 or so locals who come to listen, socialize, and picnic.

The last concert of the year was held this past Saturday. Amongst the attendees were our group of 5 friends, who sat happily in the chilly November night, munching on sandwiches, enjoying the wine and music, and inevitably bitching about work.

Sitting amongst the vines, with the only source of light being the stars and the scattered candles in the crowd, it was difficult to believe that we were still in Louisiana.