Tuesday, November 02, 2004


Let's try something different today...

Now - Oooh, full blown belly ache...

20 minutes ago - Strange sensation turns into cramps.

30 minutes ago - Develop a strange sensation in my belly. Initially attribute it to the mounds of candy I've ingested while working today. Everywhere I go there's a basket of leftover Halloween candy brought in by the nurses. Interesting note: 50% of this candy were taken from their kid's trick-or-treat booty.

3 hours ago - Wonder if eating that unknown candy was a good idea.

3 hours and 10 minutes ago - I shrug at the nurse that was watching me eat this piece of candy and go about my business.

3 hours and 11 minutes ago - The candy develops a faint vanilla flavor... which then turns into the flavor of... white bread?

3 hours and 11 minutes and 25 seconds ago - I bite off a small piece, and can't taste anything. So I put the whole thing in my mouth and start chewing away.

3 hours and 11 minutes and 35 seconds ago - After contemplating for a few seconds, I decide to taste the candy. There's no taste.

3 hours and 12 minutes ago - Amongst Butterfingers, Sprees, and Tootsie Rolls, I find a curious candy wrapped in blue cellophane with white smiley faces on it. Open it to find a small white piece of chewy candy. Initial sniff test is negative for repulsiveness.

3 hours and 13 minutes ago - I run across a basket of candy.