Monday, November 08, 2004


The weekend wrap-up:

+ My sanity took a vacation this weekend and I almost purchased a $700 entertainment system. The main factor that prevented me from fleecing my bank account was the disgust I felt thinking I had to fight the weekend traffic to get to Best Buy.

+ Sunday evening was spent hanging artwork, mirrors, and posters on the walls, making our place look more like a home and less like a house. Nathalie and I then spent some time on the couch, watching Trading Spaces and grimacing at the designer's ridiculous ideas. We both agreed that if we were ever contestants, and our re-designed room sucked, we wouldn't stand there with fake smiles on our faces like those losers from last night.

+ While working in the shed, I realized that the hot water heater should be renamed to either the "cold water heater" or "hot water maintainer."

+ After putting if off for over a year, I finally put a coat of wax on my car. Hooray for procrastination!