Monday, November 01, 2004


A total of 4 kids showed up at our door yesterday for Halloween trick-or-treating, averaging a rate of one kid per hour. The investment-to-return ratio for this Halloween was quite disappointing. When the fourth kid showed up, we were so excited to finally get a visitor that we knocked over wine glasses and papers flew everywhere as we ran to get to the door.

1 hour spent carving a pumpkin into a Jack O'lantern
20 minutes spent on finding the perfect location for the Jack O'lantern
$1000 spent on candy (maybe not quite a thousand dollars...)
10 times I went outside to check that the Jack O'lantern was still lit
3 times we went roaming the streets, looking for kids to direct to our house

4 kids in costume, each receiving an "Awwww, so cute!" from Nathalie
4 fistfuls of candy given away

Now we have an insanely large bowl of left-over candy that I will ultimately turn into fat and apply to my gut and butt.