Friday, October 01, 2004


First of all, not only do I find it amazing that Bob Barker is still hosting the Price is Right, but that he's still alive. I remember watching this old guy host that gameshow when I was a little kid some 20 years ago. I'm now a grown man and he's still kicking, as if he's been sucked into some Groundhog Day like timewarp. Bob and his sidekick Rod Roddy must have signed a deal with the devil because the two of them are as spry as kittens.

But I'm deviating from my point. When I was a child, I thought it was totally unfair that one person would have a chance to win a car, and the next contestant would get to compete for... a washer and dryer! Whoo-ee! Yeah boyeee!

But now that I'm actually shopping for a set, and amazed at how much people will charge for a large bucket attached to a motor, I don't think I would be too disappointed to win a washer and dryer set myself. In fact, I'd probaby be jumping up and down just like those fools on TV.