Sunday, October 03, 2004

Combo No. 5

"Is that the chef delivering his own food?" I asked, peering over my glass of iced tea.

It must have been. He wasn't the hostess or the waiter. Or the guy that brought us the basket of bread. And he was dressed like a chef.

Not only was the food at Cafe Degas delicious and amazing, it was also a steal. French onion soup, mini steak kabob and salad, filet mignon, and roast duck for less than $60. And the price got better after we presented a $15 off coupon. Bargain city!

The only drawback being that Cafe Degas prints their menu in French, so deciphering the menu is a challenge. They courteously print the list of major ingredients of the dish in English, but it still doesn't help with items like "La Brochette" or "Aiguillettes de Canard" for the uninitiated.

It's interesting that most Chinese, Vietnamese, or other Asian restaurants have gotten into the habit of just numbering the various items on their menu. Perhaps they got tired of hearing Westerners butcher the names of their favorite dishes. That's pretty much the reason my name was changed. It would have been funny if I was renamed a number.