Saturday, October 02, 2004


The color of hospital scrubs has absolutely no bearing on the quality of a residency program offered there. However, just in case I ran into the dilemma of choosing between two programs that were equally strong, I decided to use the color of hospital scrubs as the tie breaker. This was my mindset when I interviewed for a residency 4 years ago. Yes, I realize the ridiculousness of it all. The quality of cafeteria food would have been a better tie breaker.

Thankfully, it never came down to a tie breaker when choosing my residency program. The one I am at now exceeded my laundry list of "wants" in a program and I happily chose to be trained here. However, I was a bit sullen to find that the hospital used green scrubs. Obviously, I am not a big fan of green scrubs.

Just recently, the hospital decided to trash the green scrubs and change over to blue scrubs. This change was met with varying degrees of emotion from the employees and residents. I, however, was elated to find out that I get to spend the rest of my residency wearing my favorite color.