Saturday, October 23, 2004


Halloween decorations are everywhere, the hospital being no exception. With Murphy's Law in full effect, I ran into a fake cobweb that somebody had put up on my way to conference this morning.

My pending heart attack subsided immediately after the realization that I ran into an artificial spiderweb. Thankfully nobody witnessed my tarantella, and I spent a better part of 10 minutes picking off the stupid wispy crap off of myself. Considering that I had my M&M presentation this morning and needed to appear impeccable, the fake cobweb wasn't a good accessory with my shirt and tie.

However, I somehow failed to see the brown plastic spider that had lodged itself in my hair, which appropriately fell off onto the podium midway through my presentation with a light thud and nearly induced a second heart attack for the morning.

I managed not to stain my pants and finished my presentation without further incident.