Saturday, September 18, 2004

Trauma: Week Five

Walking out the ER doors of Charity for the last time was surprisingly bittersweet. The past five weeks went by in a blur, and I have to say that I have been very well trained during that time. Not to say that some suffering wasn't incorporated during my tour of duty, but overall I'm glad to report a positive experience, filled with interesting insights, observations, and discoveries.

+ My handwriting goes to shit if I stay awake longer than 24 hours straight. Not to mention my logistic and abstract thought processing capabilities.

+ However, if I'm able to overcome the ensuing 45 minutes of worthlessness, I find that I magically spring back to my normal self.

+ Laughing about stuff is a lot better than bitching about stuff.

+ Hospital food is bad no matter where you go.

+ Call rooms always appear to be an afterthought.

+ Keep your bitching to a minimum, welcome any challenge with open arms, do your job, spend more time listening than talking, and people will like you.

Next up, Transplant surgery.