Sunday, September 12, 2004


I stepped into the elevator, pressed "12", and moved towards the back. A nurse also walked in, pressed some number, and acknowledged me with a greeting, to which I made a feeble attempt to respond with a sleep deprived smile. Being that it was 6 in the morning, I felt no need for polite conversation, so I stood in silence and watched the numbers change on the floor indicator display.

Then I snapped awake as my nostrils filtered out a disgusting, yet all too familiar smell. The nurse had quietly passed gas. I looked at the back of her head in disbelief. I figured being that there were only two of us, she'd at least admit to her disgusting emission or excuse herself. But nothing. Absolutely no indication. In fact, she started to look around as if there were some other source.

I held my breath for the last 5 floors, wondering why the elevators were moving so slowly this morning. When the doors finally opened, I brushed passed her, took in a deep refreshing breath, and then smiled wickedly to myself. For just before I left the elevator, I passed one quietly myself.