Friday, September 10, 2004


I bought a new paper shredder. My old one's teeth were getting dull, and as a consequence it started to shred documents into wide, easily reconstructable segments of paper instead of thin, unreadible strips. Not very effective. The new shredder was an upgrade in that the paper is cross cut shredded into tiny fragments of paper, and that it is small enough to hide behind my computer monitor on my desk.

I'm not sure what strange, inherent fascination all males have with fire and destruction, but given any object capable of performing either of those tasks, we'll be entertained for hours. Sorry to say, I'm no exception. I just spent the past 45 minutes scrounging for pieces of paper that I deemed enough of a security risk to warrant a thorough shredding through my new toy.

Hearing that mechanical growling as my pieces of paper disappear into this hungry machine and come shooting out the bottom in tiny confetti sized bits has given me a great sense of satisfaction and placed me into a nice zen state. Not to mention that my identity is now at a decreased risk for theft.