Thursday, September 30, 2004


The administrators have decided to host a hospital-wide party to boost morale and show their appreciation for the employees. To accomodate the hundreds of people that work here, they closed down one of the parking lots in order to set up several large tents and have the event outside the hospital. Since it will take quite some time to set up the tents and supplies for the outdoor party (and to take things down), the parking lot will be closed for several days.

Not surprisingly, the parking lot that they closed down is where the resident physicians park, so 200 or so residents now have to find alternate places to park. In order to avoid the mass chaos of residents abandoning our cars willy-nilly all around the hospital, we've been forced to park our cars 3 blocks away from the hospital instead of allowing us access to the parking garage or other lots.

The end result of all this:
+ Many residents were running late this morning because the shuttle busses never showed up, and many of us hiked the 3 blocks to work.

+ 78 degrees + 90% humidity + 3 block hike = sweaty, angry residents

+ Employee morale from 200 or so people that work 80 hours a week at $9.75/hr plummeting rapidly.

+ Disgruntled residents on every floor of the hospital (Kind of amusing seeing so many pissed off people.)

+ One lame blog posting