Sunday, August 29, 2004

Trauma: Week Two

The novelty of the new trauma service has worn off, but I find the rotation still satisfying. The average number of patients seen in the trauma bay consistantly stays in the double digits, which makes for a busy night of inhouse call. A few notables after my second week of service:

+ The majority of the thugs in New Orleans have terrible accuracy with their handguns. As a consequence, unless shot in the head or heart, most of the victims will survive. Which gives me some hope in thinking that if I ever get carjacked in this great city, I have a chance at survival.

+ Most of the shooting victims have been shot before. Since I have never been shot at, I'm assuming I will not be looking down the business end of a pistol anytime soon.

+ Crackhead Sightings has become a bizarre way to spend my time as I make it over to the Burger King across the street from Charity Hospital for dinner. I average 3 a trip, with an average accostation rate of 1.