Tuesday, August 10, 2004


Logically, it seems ridiculous to think that hiding under the covers offers any protective value. Regardless of the source of threat, be it ghosts, goblins, various evil creatures, burglars, or axe wielding lunatics, pulling the comforter over the head and hiding appears to offer an unreasonable amount of security. And this method of hiding is generally well adapted and universally accepted by people of all ages and cultures.

I'm not sure where this false sense of security and comfort comes from, perhaps a subconscious effect of mimicking the womb. But on closer philosophical examination regarding this highly tactical avoidance maneuver, I'm not sure if the threatening party understands that the bed is a safe haven, and by pulling the covers over my head, I've declared that I'm not playing anymore.

From a different point of view, I now realize that the best place to look for a victim, if I were a monster or psychopath, is on the bed, under the covers. Enter the house, make a few scary noises, and after ensuring that the victim has been properly frightened, make my way to the bedroom, and there on the bed under the covers will be my prey. Like shooting fish in a barrel.