Thursday, July 01, 2004


July 1st. Each year, the first day of July signifies the beginning of a new era for teaching hospitals across the nation. Today, approximately 19,000 newly graduated doctors woke up in the wee hours of the morning to start their medical training.

This also means that I have advanced a year in my training, and I am assuming a more senior role. Not being in the front lines means that I am no longer getting to the hospital before sunrise. Waking up at a leisurely 5:30am and driving into work at 6:15, I noticed a few things:

1. There are a lot more cars on the road.
2. More cars = slower commute time.
3. The parking spots close to the hospital have been taken by the interns and the lower level residents.
4. Parking farther away sucks.
5. The elevators are busier later in the morning.
6. Driving in daylight feels strange.

I may wake up earlier just to avoid all this...
...yeah, right.