Wednesday, July 07, 2004


The last several days have been busy. New service, new interns, new students. A few observations:

+ We do a fair number of gastric bypass surgery at my hospital for the morbidly obese. Yesterday, during the middle of the case, I noticed that the music on the radio was a techno bit from, of all people, Fatboy Slim. It gave me the laughing fits.

+ Also, interesting to note that super obese people are fat on the outside, AND fat on the inside.

+ Lots of extra fat = extra endogenous estrogen production = feminization of appearance. My first day on the service, I referred to a young patient as ma'am while examining them post operatively from a gastric bypass. I was a bit surprised to see a complete set of male genitalia when I lifted the gown to examine the abdomen. In my defense, he did have curly hair and man-boobs. An honest mistake, especially early in the morning.

+ One serving of strawberry flavored Cream-of-Wheat has replaced my usual breakfast of either a greasy muffin or several donuts. Not only does it stimulate the nastalgia of childhood winters spent in Kansas, it's also a healthy alternative which should help me decrease my abdominal girth.

+ Lastly, I have to find the caloric contents of watermelon. I've been eating them like they're going extinct. The influx of fructose probably isn't helping with the weight loss efforts.