Monday, July 05, 2004


I'm pleased to report that I've lost about 3 pounds since beginning my exercise regiment 4 weeks ago. Most of this has been accomplished through a combination of swimming, cycling, and rowing, with the last two activities done on contraptions that poorly mimic the original sport. Changing my diet would probably augment my weight loss, but I refuse to forgo that luxury of life.

My latest obsession of mastering the flip-turn has preoccupied my daily tasks to such a degree that it may begin to affect my work. The flip-turn: this is the somersault performed at the end of the lane when swimming laps so that you can swim in the opposite direction with the most miniscule loss of momentum and speed. Currently, my efforts makes me look like a drunken cat rolling around in the water at the end of the lane. A lot of effort for minimal gain, and in my case, all I end up with is a nose full of chlorinated water. I guess like all things, this too will come with time.

Speaking of chlorinated water, I bought a new pair of swimming trunks and was reading the care label. It advised me to wash it in cold water and to use only non-chlorinated bleach. I do hope that wearing this garment in chlorinated water won't have any ill effects. I believe that a substantial chasm of difference exists between chlorinated water and chlorinated bleach, but who knows how that my affect the color on my swim trunks.