Saturday, July 31, 2004


After 6pm, the Clearview Mall becomes overrun by teens and preteens, with the occasional sleazy post-teen lurking about looking quite Nobokov. The fact that I avoid that mall in the evenings because I find it overly boisterous and irritating is testament that I'm getting old. That, and the preteens think they own the place and dish out sour looks and a get-out-of-my-room vibe to anybody past the legal drinking age who's passing through their turf.

I unfortunately found myself walking through the mall yesterday after having dinner with Nathalie. At 9pm, the place was packed with teens of various ages showing off the latest in fashion. I've noticed that the trend for boys is still to wear baggy pants that barely cling on to their butts. The trend for girls is still to dress like how a New Jersey prostitute would dress to go visit her mother.

The way girls dress nowadays with bare midriffs and skin-tight shirts is a boon for hormone overcharged prepubescent boys. I remember how when I was their age, the fashion trend was for girls to wear the most baggiest clothes they can find. When I was a teen, I might have as well lived in Iran where the women wrap themselves from head to toe.