Sunday, July 04, 2004


I'm minding my own business, browsing around Target for things on sale, when I'm approached by an elderly woman asking if I know where Target stocks picture frames. I point her in the general direction and resume my shopping. Several moments later, a middle aged woman with a child in tow asks me if I know the price of a particular pillow she has in her hand. I take her over to a price scanner located on a pillar and find out that it costs $9.99. She thanks me, I smile, and I tread on back to the automotive section when some guy comes up asking me where replacement bags for vacuum cleaners are located. Confused, I look back at him with a look of utter annoyance. He senses my apparent irritation and moves along without another word.

I then realize that I am wearing the Target uniform: red shirt, khaki pants. Ah, it all makes sense now.

I cut my shopping outing short, quickly pay for my items, and got out. Note to self: red and kahkis are not to be worn to Target.