Saturday, June 05, 2004


I wonder with the ongoing anti-carb craze if donuts will cease to exist.

It's too bad that donuts don't contain any special ingredient that will help fat people shed weight. I'm thinking this mainly because I just wolfed down 4 Krispy Kreme donuts this morning during M&M conference.

Since I had to present the Grand Rounds this morning on a complication that I didn't cause, on a patient that wasn't even on my service, I thought I deserved a jelly donut... or four.

It's hard to resist. Donuts are like potato chips in that you can never truly eat just one. Worse yet, each donut contains the same amount of fat and calories as an entire bag of chips, if not more. One could use this to argue that eating a bag of chips in one setting is probably more healthy than what I did this morning.

Interesting thing: Since I've given up all hope of ever losing my pudgy belly, accepting the occasional lapse in my intake management hasn't been all that bad.

If scrub bottoms didn't have drawstrings, I would have a better gauge of my fattiness. Alas, it's the few occasions that I put on a real pair of pants that I realize my belly has run out of control, just like the Killer Tomato that Ate New York.