Wednesday, June 09, 2004


What happend to TLC? By that I'm referring to the television channel. Just several years ago, their broadcast consisted of programs that revealed how things work, why things were, and played shows so full of knick-knack information that you would finish a 30 minute segment with the feeling of, "Wow, I learned something." Thus, the namesake of the channel, The Learning Channel. I learned about animals, space exploration, construction... You name it, I probably watched a show about it.

Now, all I see involve remodeling one thing after another. In fact, it appears that the entire network is dedicated to programming that consists of redecorating, redesigning, or showing live footage of births, weddings, and emergency room physicians. I think they can safely rename the channel to The Trading Spaces Channel, and actually increase the number of viewers.

The same thing has happened to the Discovery Channel. Are there no more interesting things to discover? Why must programming consist mainly of, again, childbirth, weddings, physicians, and home decorating?

And we ask my our children score so miserably on their exams. If the measure of intelligence was based on interior design and decorating or wedding stories, instead of such topics as geography, science, or world culture, we Americans could outshine the Europeans and the Japanese! Even the eastern European republics! Wow, imagine.