Tuesday, June 29, 2004


It's no secret that New Orleans is a dirty town. Yes, dirty in the proverbial sacrilegious sense with its numerous strip clubs and decadent behavior so prominently displayed on the famed Bourbon Street, but also in the sanitary sense of the word. Like other major metropolitan areas around the country, New Orleans recently launched a city-wide initiative to clean up its visual appearance in order to increase tourism and perhaps even community morale.

Of all the possible mottos and slogans out there, the City Commission has come up with: "New Orleans, Imagine it clean."

Notice the use of the word "imagine". While other cities across the nation urge cleanliness through slogans like "Keep it Clean" or "Maintain our Beauty", New Orleans is so hopelessly filthy and unsanitary that we can only imagine this town being clean. Furthermore, instead of choosing an action word that will encourage its citizens to go out and be physically active in the beautification of their city, the word "imagine" does nothing more than to offer a lukewarm suggestion to perhaps direct the projection of one's emesis towards the gutter instead of the sidewalk.

I agree that a slogan is not a critical factor in this campaign, but a better slogan may offer improved implementation and precocious achievement of those goals.