Friday, June 11, 2004


Today is my dad's birthday. He turns 57.

Today is also the day the registration tag on my car expires. After weeks of forgetting, I finally put the new registration sticker on my license plate last night. Perhaps there was a small bit of a procrastination factor, but nevertheless, the tag is in place.

I wonder what my dad will think about during his birthday today. I'm sure the passing of my mother 4 years ago will flirt in and out of his mind like a pained butterfly. I hope he and my stepmother will have something nice planned for tonight. My stepmother's birthday is also coming up. I think it's the 16th. I have no idea how old she will be.

I hope that my brother will remember to call my dad. I love the way my dad's face lights up when he gets a call from Steve. The two of them need to talk more and get closer. But I guess it will all happen in due time.