Tuesday, June 22, 2004


A friend of mine had been searching for this Austrian/German children's book called Esterhazy. It's been out of print for ages, and for some bizarre reason, it has become a collectable, and those few that still own a copy are routinely selling them for triple digits. She finally snagged one someplace on-line for significantly less, and is now a proud owner of an old book.

The book's storyline is particularly difficult to grasp in its oddness: Esterhazy is a very small male bunny that is roaming the countryside looking for a large female so that their offspring can be normal in size. This doesn't seem like regular children's material. The concept of conception is probably a bit advanced for most children anyway. In fact, one could twist this into bizarre bunny porn with a preference for large female fetishes. Funny, but you can witness the human equivalent of this storyline on Jerry Springer every day.

But perhaps the author of the book is simply trying to convey the message that we're all just small bunnies trying to be normal and to be accepted.

Interesting to note, on a recent trip to Home Depot, I noticed that a rather tall and colorful ruler was placed by the door next to the exit, similar to those you see at your local convenience store to measure the height of theives as they sprint out of the establishment. I wandered over to it and found out that I am indeed 6 feet tall. I guess if life applied the Esterhazy principle, I may have to play the role of a large bunny.

Strange thing though, the ruler measurment reached 10 feet. I think if a 9 foot 5 inch giant robbed your store and took off running out the door, and somehow your rent-a-cop managed to catch him, knowing the exact height of the guy probably wouldn't be all that necessary to pick him out of the line-up at the police station.