Tuesday, June 08, 2004


I got all excited about this Venus-passing-between-the-Earth-and-the-Sun thing when I first heard about it a week ago. With all that hype about it only happening every 117 years and how it can only be seen in certain parts of the world and the such, I got pretty worked up. I could hardly wait for today. My Inner Geek was pretty freakin' excited.

With this rare celestial event, could wonderful or amazing things happen? Will water run backwards? Would birds be grounded? Will all the animals howl and act crazy? Would a portal be opened between our world and some other universe? Would I be able to shit ice cream? Perferably rum raisin flavored?

The answer to all is, unfortunately, "no". No such amazing things are going on... except that Nancy Reagan looks pretty darn good for her age. Simply, Venus just looks like a large mole traveling across the face of the Sun. No corona. No darkening of the skies. Just a spot on the sun. Perhaps the view would have been better if the Earth was viewed from Venus instead.