Friday, June 04, 2004

Death be not proud...

My office became infested with gnats last night. They were obviously attracted to my halogen desk lamp, along with about 5000 other species of nocturnal creatures that were crawling all over my window. How these clever shits found a way into the office through a closed window I will never know.

Making the pilgrimage to the light source was apparently the last thing on the "To Do" list of 95% of the gnats. Either they died from an emotional overload of joy from reaching the light, or they were too tired from the journey, but in either case, my desktop soon became littered with dead gnat carcasses. Even more irritating were the ones that were in the process of dying, who were stumbling over my desk and papers like professional basketball players trying to earn a foul shot.

What about the other 5% of gnats? They seemed to be very focused on entering either my ear canal or nose.

I've got to remember to buy some Raid on the way home today.