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In the spring a young man’s fancy lightly turns to thoughts of love...
...and away from blogging.

(OK, so technically we're closer to the start of summer, but it was spring when I started mulling this over in my head.)

So it's happened. I could feel it coming on, but now it's really here. The end of the blog.

Given my penchant for abandoning ill-kept journals with hardly a look back, it's quite a personal achievement that I've kept this blog going for as long as I have. One of our bookshelves houses a few of my past journals. All with only a handful of pages littered with writing, most with barely enough entries to warrant the captivation of any significant part of an hour. Yet this blogger counter indicates that I've posted over 800 entries over the past four years.

I've been wondering when I was going to lose interest in this hobby and move on to another. Those urges to quit have come and gone from time to time, but have never persisted, usually quelled by one of your comments. But I think that the time for a final entry has finally approached.

Maybe I need to find a focus for this blog on something else instead of Things Happening To Me, although I'd find it rather difficult to write about things not-happening to me with any real authority. Besides, as much as I enjoyed semi-anonymously expounding on various topics devoid of any erudite commentary, there's no doubt that a part of this has been rooted in narcissistic impulses.

(Seriously, anybody who keeps a public journal but denies such a motivation is an outright liar.)

It was just going to be a matter of time before I threw in the towel. Placing this blog on the shelf, next to my other hobbies that I've started, enjoyed, and then lost interest in. And so this becomes where the sidewalk ends.

Or who knows, this blogging may actually be a more permanent hobby than I think. Maybe blogging is a little like joining the mob, once you're in, you never really leave The Family.

Besides, without an obligatory post now and then, how else will I satisfy my narcissistic urges? Or share stories about the adventures of having a pregnant wife? (No, she's not, but I'm saying one day she will be and I'll likely use this blog for that.)

Maybe I just need a break. I'll probably be back blogging again in a few weeks.

I'll see you then.

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